Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekly wrap up

I'm getting concerned with my lack of miles. I'm 23 miles behind my goal after allowing for a zero-mile week. Otherwise it would have been a 53-mile deficit. Thank goodness next week is the last recovery week. It'll take some 35-40 mile weeks to get back on track.

Tally: Monday 4, Thursday 5, Saturday 7.5, Sunday 9. I'll call it 25. No blisters or injuries. Shiny new shoes.


keith said...

looks like you are on your way to some more mileage...don't be too hard on yourself.

i don't think i could do all the things you do (parent, insane work schedule, etc.) and run as many miles as you manage.

you actually went to register your kid at school at midnight?? that is nuts.

keith said...

i hope you are getting back on track!

Faithful Soles said...

How has it been going since your last post back in February? I hope all is well with your running and training. Some advice from someone who has been running off and on for 35 years, don't let one week make or break you, we all struggle with times like that. Just keep moving ahead.

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Matt Rankin said...

Hi Jack, I feel the same way with my running lately. Good luck with your running. I will be increasing the miles as well.